Aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine


No more "flaws"

As our culture evolves we develop a new view of the perception of beauty and aesthetics. For instance, our King Charles IV., founder of Karlovy Vary, was considered a very clean man, because every two weeks he thoroughly washed his face! Thankfully since the 14th century a long time has past and the 21st century has brought us a big step forward in the field of aesthetic medicine and the cosmetic industry. Today there is no exception, men care about their appearance almost as much as a women, male aesthetic satisfaction is now a priority and very trendy issue.
Flaws and minor health problems are easily forgotten and resolved by aesthetic medicine. Let's get together to present the three most commonly performed aesthetic procedures that can be assigned to you without interrupting your prescribed spa treatment.
Botox injections
The most popular intervention using botulinum toxin injections is facial rejuvenation. You cannot stop time, but thanks to this method you can significantly delay the overall physical appearance of ageing on the face and neck structure and possibly prolong the effect of non-invasive procedures. You can make deep grooves on the forehead, between the eyebrows, around the mouth and wrinkles in the eye area just disappear or simply add volume in areas of the face.
Surgical laser treatment
The treatment with the aid of a surgical laser is a painless procedure after which you immediately see results. The laser can, without the need for stitching, bleeding, movement or dressing limitations, remove unsightly marks, spots or fibromas from all over the body.
Eyelid surgery
Eyelid surgery cannot be ignored from the list of the most frequently performed aesthetic procedures. Lower eyelids usually host  unsightly bags under the eyes, and therefore it is necessary to remove excess skin. If this problem occurs in the upper eyelids, potential problems are not only aesthetic, but also health related. Dropping or drooping of the upper eyelid leads to more and more pressure being placed on the eye itself and so vision becomes limited. Recovery from this type of intervention usually takes two weeks, after one week stitches are removed and replaced by small patches. During recovery clients are advised not to use saunas or other medical treatments involving water.
Ageing does not mean a person has to lose the taste for being beautiful, on the contrary, due to aesthetic medicine life gains new horizons. Visit our Carlsbad Clinic and we will make your flaws disappear. 



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