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Menu Degustation in Carlsbad Plaza

You don't know which of our à la carte restaurants you should choose? We prepared exclusively for you the new Menu dégustation at the French Gourmet Restaurant La Bohème and the original Asian Restaurant Sweet Orient. ... Complete article

Sep 7, 2009

Hollywood cocktails: Best memories

Taste Hollywood – the delicate flavour of eternal and inextinguishable fame. Enjoy mixed drinks which bewitched the world from movie screens. The lead roles are played by Whiskey Sour, Daiquiri, Corpse Reviver, Manhattan and you. The dazzling moments that will follow will be directed by Hollywood cocktails. Take a seat quietly and let us start. ... Complete article

Apr 26, 2009

Live a sensible life, do not exaggerate anything

Interview with head physician MUDr. Alexandr Lukovnikov. "Live a sensible life, do not exaggerate anything. Move a lot and eat rationally," MUDr. Alexandr Lukovnik says to his patients as the head physician of the Carlsbad plaza luxury medical centre, who was pushed to come to Karlovy Vary years ago by his family and bad economic situation in Russia. ... Complete article

Apr 1, 2009

Untraditional celebration of the 3rd birthday of the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel

On the twelve of February an extraordinary event was held in the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel – our hotel celebrated its birthday. With the celebration, we finished the third successful year which meant numerous new clients for us and convinced our guests that we are able to offer them what they request and are able to fulfil even the most exacting demands. ... Complete article

Mar 1, 2009

Inspired by the beauty of artichoke

Pierre Lèotard is the chef of the La Bohème hotel restaurant at the Carlsbad Plaza hotel. His master cuisine is linked with his native country – France. In La Bohème he invites you for foie gras poelé with ginger sauce and spice granite, roast turbot with thyme and other delicacies. He was given the Michelin Star for his culinary art in France: "I love good food and enjoy it very much. To be a good cook you need to love the individual components and create something new of them. If you are not a gourmet, you cannot be a good cook." Will you enter his kingdom with us! ... Complete article

Jan 12, 2009

Satisfied guests always warm my heart

Jarmila Mrázková works as a receptionist at the "Carlsbad Plaza" hotel. Last autumn she was awarded an exclusive award of the panel of judges in the "Young Receptionist of 2008" competition. Apart from her job, she also studies law at the university college in Karlovy Vary, she speaks English, German, Russian and Spanish and dreams about her own bar on a beach of a country with pleasant warm weather. ... Complete article

Jan 4, 2009

Hotel gastronomy managed by an experienced man

Mr David Zvára, Food & Beverage Director of the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel, has more than ten years of practical and business experience in the hotel industry. He passed sommelier courses at the Viticultural Academy in Valtice. He became the director of one of the hotels in Karlovy Vary for two years and then gained catering experience in a network of restaurants. We asked several questions referring to his current position to David Zvára who also worked at foreign banquets and served, for example, the Norwegian or Spanish kings. ... Complete article

Nov 29, 2008

Who takes care of you at the Carlsbad Plaza

Since 2007 the doctor of the Carlsbad Plaza team is MUDr. Ljuba Osyková who uses her vast experience gained before. She finished her studies of the Medical Faculty in the eighties and obtained degree certificates and the licence of Charles University in paediatrics, physiotherapy, physical medicine and balneology. She also holds a licence in manual medicine, acupuncture and SU-JOK methods. ... Complete article

Nov 10, 2008

Chefs from Carlsbad Plaza have won the Olympic bronze

Not only top athletes celebrate a great holiday every four years, but extraordinary personalities in gastronomy have a major competition within the same time interval. Alike in 2000 and 2004, Culinary Olympics IKA 2008 was held in Erfurt, Germany, lasting for four days and participated by lots of teams from all over the world. The Carlsbad Plaza Team achieved a great success in the category of regional teams, winning the bronze medal, and simultaneously it became the best regional team of the Czech Republic. ... Complete article

Nov 5, 2008

Interview with the Sales & Marketing Director

Eden Group a.s., the operator of the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel, appointed a new Sales & Marketing Director this May. Her name is Jitka Daxnerová and we prepared a short interview with her for you. ... Complete article

Oct 15, 2008
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