Eat Well! What is our chef hiding under the lid?


Nowadays it is not an anachronism to be a gourmet or epicure. People have finally started taking time for lunch, spending time with family and friends for dinner and enjoying food more. A Grand restaurant festival, whose imaginative motto is: („Nejezte blbě!“) "Do not eat bad!" or "discover new tastes, let’s be gastronauts", is held in Karlovy Vary every year for food gourmets and those who wish to become gourments. The hotel Carlsbad Plaza has taken part in this festival for the past three years.

So what is this festival about? Well, at the beginning of each year the best chefs in the country prepare extraordinary dishes in their restaurants and for ordinary prices. Among the masters of gastronomy is of course Pierre Lѐotard, the French chef of the hotel Carlsbad Plaza‘s „La Bohѐme“ restaurant. For the latest festival Chef  Lѐotard once again compiled a festival menu brimming with flavors and fragrances ..

Your taste buds and other senses will feel tantalized by culinary delights in the form of macerated Norwegian salmon with a broccoli dip and a dash of orange blossom water, while accompanied by tomato confit. Roast goose breast and goose filled ravioli with celery puree and polenta with coffee aroma. To conclude the masterpiece menu we have an almond tart with poached pear, homemade vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.

Let’s take a peep under Pierre’s lid and learn more about macerated salmon:

Cold macerate, for 24 hours,  the Norwegian salmon fillet in sugar, salt, lemon peal, ginger and spices to make the fillet slightly pink in the middle.

Broccoli puree is a perfect accompaniment for pink fresh salmon meat; to prepare, boil the broccoli in a small amount of salted water, which is then blended until smooth and enrich with cream, salt, pepper and orange blossom water. Then we fine-tune everything with a  dressing of confited tomatoes, fresh grapefruit juice, sugar, garlic, finely chopped shallots and chives.

Chef‘s Tip: „Serve the salmon on a white clean plate, bright colors make all the ingredients stand out beautifully. Place the fillet at the center of the plate and accompany with the broccoli puree, then sprinkle on the destinctive dressing and garnished with fresh herbs. The macerated salmon dish is further enhanced when served with a freshly baked French baguette“.

We invite you to a world of culinary experience at the La Bohѐme restaurant, an experience that brings charm, passion and the skill of the French on your plate.

"There is nothing left to say except bon appétit."

Pierre Leotard
Chef of the La Bohѐme restaurant and his team     



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