From our city

From our city

At the end of the day, begins the night at the Carlsbad Casino

Is there at least a little true passion for gambling inside you? Of course there is! Although a great day can end in a favorite restaurant or bar, an unforgettable night begins at the Carlsbad Casino.

Is it not true that because of a demanding profession, your life will not allow you even a moment of relaxation and fun? Don’t be overcome by it, try a passive yet adrenaline experience. Soak up the entertainment, enjoy a extraordinary night of card games with all the trimmings and benefit from an adrenaline pick-me-up visit to the hotel Carlsbad Casino, operated by a company known as SLOT GROUP SpA, who has a successful gambling tradition in the Czech Republic. The casino invites visitors looking for something really extraordinary both for hotel guests and general public.
Whether you are a professional player or only seldom indulge in gambling, in this casino everyone will be satisfied. Every day from 6:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. you get a chance to sit comfortably and enjoy the thrilling distraction in the Carlsbad Casino. Taste the true pleasure of the game with a wide variety of games, among the most popular ones include American Roulette, Black Jack, Russian Poker, Stud Poker or the latest slot machines. Bets can be placed in CZK and EUR. The Carlsbad Casino ensures that all visitors are cared for with the help of highly professional staff who’s goal it is to make you feel satisfied.
Already wondering what to do with your winnings? Come and get them at the Carlsbad Casino!




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