Hotel Personality: Tereza Zapletalová

Hotel Personality: Tereza Zapletalová



You can‘t? Try harder! Emil Zátopek
This motto, from the famous Czech runner Emil Zatopek, governs Tereza and her life. Read the story behind the Reservation Manager of the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza.
Tereza Zapletalová was born in 1981 in Karlovy Vary, where she studied at the Czech Grammar School and then at the College of Tourism from which she graduated, her youthful choices therefore have resulted in her dream job.
Speaking English, German, Russian and French, she conducted tours for visitors to Karlovy Vary, Mariánské Lázně, Františkovy Lázně and also the Jan Becher Museum.
The year was 2005 and the future Reservation Manager started working for Eden Group, Tereza developed her knowledge by working through several different positions in the company. Since 2010, she has been the proud mother of a beautiful daughter. Family and friends are the driving force for Tereza, she likes to spend time with them, especially doing sports such as cycling, running, badminton or Nordic walking, she prefers active recreation and dining experiences.
And what does her job entail? In particular the monitoring of developing requests and reservations furthermore overseeing, receiving and processing reservation-related services for the hotel Carlsbad Plaza.  Her department also prepares statistical data for the top management of the hotel. In addition, the department communicates with other divisions in order to ensure all the wishes and requirements of guests and business partners. And, of course, contributes to the creation of new products offered to clients.
As for Tereza Zapletalová, she says, she feels the greatest appreciation when guests of the hotel Carlsbad Plaza return again and again because they are satisfied with the superior quality of accommodation and services, because such guests are proof of a job well done.
"As long as you have your dreams you have something to look forward to," yet another motto from the Reservation Manager of the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza, Tereza Zapletalová.            

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