Jozef Nushi: Luxury clothing retailer and distributor of joy


Fashion is his pastime and joy. He draws inspiration from the cradle of the fashion industry, Italy, where he also selects the best pieces of clothing to import to his three stores in Karlovy Vary. There he offers them, with the help of his hand-selected team, to his customers. And he also loves sharing the joy his work brings to him. We are talking about a very distinctive personality named Jozef Nushi.

In his world view, the customer is always the most important link in the chain. Jozef Nushi´s customers get a refreshment, as they are offered all possible shopping comforts gracefully by the professionals whose ultimate goal is to delight the customer. The joy of shopping, the joy of luxury goods, the sheer pleasure of staying in one of the most beautiful spa towns in the Czech Republic.

Corneliani — spotlight on men

Although fashion in general is associated more with the fair sex, Jozef Nushi is far from ignoring men to whom he recommends, as an expert, the Corneliani clothing. This is an Italian family business sewing suits and casual wear, following in the footsteps of the Italian cultural tradition of handmade fashion. In Karlovy Vary, these genuine representative pieces of the highest quality are available in Jozef Nushi´s Pupp boutique.

The combination of pure shorn wool and the high proportion of handiwork makes Corneliani men‘s fashion one of the world leaders. The use of silk, cashmere, mink or chinchilla hair achieves not only unusual optical effects, but an impression of superior luxury as well.

Corneliani stands for a classic rendering of cuts and colors using the finest materials. It is representative wear in which you can never make a blunder.

A global brands show in Jozef Nushi´s boutiques

However, in each of Jozef Nushi’s three Karlovy Vary boutiques you can also find other world famous fashion brands, be it Max Mara, the traditional brand with more than a 60–year old tradition of tailoring, luxury fabrics, and a jacket so typical for this brand, or Marina Rinaldi, who took a bet on Japanese shapes, decorative motifs, suede and top coats.

Available in his boutiques is also the new collection from Henry Cotton, a lifestyle brand selling sports and elegant collections of women‘s and men‘s fashion, or Marina Yachting, professing indomitable passion for the sea, freedom and wildness. Attention is also paid to the Cinzia Rocca brand, and many others.

Pamper yourself in one of the three prestigious shops of Jozef Nushi. Treat yourself to a luxurious fashion piece and soak in the joy of a delightful experience!


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