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Do you feel that you are running out of energy and that your life force is more unbalanced than balanced? Mother Nature gave us life, and so we should return to her in the event of energy loss and zest for life, after all,  whole generations that lived thousands of years before us knew natural healing and its benefits. Very often our health is directly related to our minds and therefor, both our outer and inner selves need our care. And what we do for our bodies and spirit is returned to us.

Acupressure, physiotherapy, Bach flower therapy, Chinese medicine, homeopathy, reflexology, acupuncture and many other natural remedies and systems gives us guidance and show us the path that returns balance to life. One of the oldest natural medicines is Ayurveda, whose usage dates back 5000 years and is unshakeable proof that natural healing had its place then as it does now.

Ayurveda, or the science of life, is a unique system of nutrition, herbal therapy, relaxation, yoga, meditation, a wide range of treatments, detoxification and subsequent regeneration of the body, aromatherapy and color therapy. This globally recognized system not only deals with the treatment of various diseases, but also the prevention of these conditions and not to mention longevity.

Ayurvedic medicine becomes a lifestyle of those who succumb to its basic principles and understand that living in harmony with the personal constitution and laws of nature is the essence of a complete man. Everyone has a great natural individuality, no one is the same and same treatment does not apply to everyone. Support for these inevitable differences and individual approach reaps the all-consuming way of life, this attitude to life and the nature of being a huge success.

Go directly to the core, the hotel Carlsbad Plaza offers Ayurvedic packages for women and men. Detox the body and regenerate the spirit through various Ayurvedic treatments.



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