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Lukáš Paluska

His nickname is "the gastronomic Knight", since 1997 he is the proud owner of a title for gastronomy by the Knights of Chaine des Rotisseurs, he calls himself  “knedlíček“ (small dumpling) and when it comes to fulfilling childhood dreams, this man's dreams came true, because he for sure didn’t want to become an astronaut or a garbage-collector. We introduce Lukáš Paluska - Executive Chef at the Carlsbad Plaza Medical Spa & Wellness Hotel, who regularly inspires us with his dishes in our regular section The Chef's Recipe.

As mentioned earlier, to become a chef, an outstanding chef was the dream of Lukáš since his early childhood, when he began captivating aromas and flavors in grandma's kitchen. So his fateful journey was quite clear, it led him to culinary school and after practice at hotels in Prague and Karlovy Vary, to the kitchen of the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel in Karlovy Vary.

Thanks to a long-term French course, which was completed with an examination of the French art form of cooking, he became the holder of a title for gastronomy by the Knights of Chaine des Rotisseurs, which opened his horizons to the art of cooking in a much deeper way.

Executive Chef Lukáš Paluska promotes modern gastronomy and its trends, he likes to cook new dishes, combining interesting flavors such as for example coffee flavor. In this regard, he also became a co-founder of the project "Chef de Chef", focusing on the transfer of experience from professionals to teachers and students of hotel and culinary schools.

He still is full of humility to his cooking techniques and reads each raw material as if it had its own story, which is meant to stay itself and only be fine-tuned. Simplicity is strength and it is not always true, that the more ingredients you mix together, the better the dish becomes. Probably like every cook he doesn’t enjoy to cook for himself, he appreciates the home cooked meals of his wife, mother or friends. He savours fine cheeses, salted butter on crunchy pastries and quality wines.

What sentence will you never hear from Lukáš Paluska, and he does not want to hear from any of the chefs in his team? "I do not eat that." In short, the best cook eats and tastes everything.


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