Radka Pavúková: Compliments from our guests gratify me

Radka Pavúková has been working for the company Eden Group for twelve years. First employed in the position of clerk she rose to become housekeeping the manager during that time. "What I most enjoy about the job of head-of-cleaning, is the solving of operational issues that arise during the day." Sometimes you need to make quick decisions, to be able to consider information and to respond and react to the situation as effectively as possible, whether on matters relating to employees or clients. I learn from every new situation. I never know what is going to happen during the day, so it´s a job that creates adrenalin!" Radka smiles and thinks back on a particular situation, when a giant clothes press broke down and within minutes she had to completely reorganize her day and plan a schedule for where, when and by whom the laundry would be taken for processing. "It was not an easy situation. There is 1,000 kg of laundry a day processed by the hotel laundry service. . But what was most important was that our clients had no idea that a problem had occurred and the quality of service was not affected. "

The satisfaction of hotel guests is the most important thing to Radka, and therefore she enjoys the leadership of a team of fifty staff : "I like to watch how my colleagues cooperate and work as a team. I look for the right course of action for each employee, trying to lead my team in accordance with the requirements of each position and our company´s philosophy. Thanks to this job I get know more about myself. "

For Radka daily housekeeping manager duties include the constant monitoring of the quality of room cleaning and room cleanliness, which is done by dedicated chambermaids twice a day, the assessment of the public areas of the hotel which cover more than a thousand square meters, and the quality of the preparation of the laundry for rooms, restaurants and even for the spa. Radka also oversees the operation of the laundry service, cleaners and housekeepers work, she solves daily operational and personnel issues and client requests, she provides staff training, negotiates with suppliers and oversees a number of other matters.

Educated in economy with a focus on business she knows the hotel perfectly. In fact, she was a part of the team, which prepared the opening of the Carlsbad Plaza several years ago: "This included among other things the preparation of staff, adjusting the manual for employees, the processing of operational regulations an assuring availability of equipment for housekeeping." She is justifiably proud of her work over the last few years: "In our customer satisfaction questionnaires the housekeeping department is assessed and given excellent results," Radka Pavúková says.


Radka Pavúková

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Published date: Aug 8, 2011

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