Smart Casual


Smart Casual

Although the written and unwritten rules of behavior are lurking at every step, It is beyond doubt that all our knowledge begins with experience and this is why we continue with yet another informative article for our regular column on Etiquette. For now, we look at the matter of proper attire.

The age-old truth that "dress makes a man" can also be recognised in a well-known Czech song. And this truth may never go out of style. Today there is probably no party, social event or restaurant that does not require a Dress Code. Let's not waste time and take a detailed look at the most widely represented dress code; Smart Casual.

It is quite a broad term, but simply means that your clothes may be rather informal, but not lose their elegance. If you love denim then wear it for your leisure activities. Thus we suggest that for neither men nor women is it acceptable to wear jeans, sportswear or any type of sports shoes.

To comply with the requirement of Smart Casual, ladies are preferably attired in a skirt, dress or pants in arbitrary cuts and colors, but within tolerable limits, mini-skirts are definitely not suitable. Adjustments to the overall appearance are made with the use of appropriate accessories, everything in moderation. For example, if a lady is wearing a prominent dress, then fine and discreet accessories should be selected and vice versa, in case of a simple dress then pronounced makeup and accessories are acceptable.

When it comes to men, they can decide whether to dress in social trousers or something like Chinos. Of course, we repeat once again, an emphatic NO to wearing denim. You can leave your tie or bow at home, it is not needed because Smart Casual is not a strictly formal affair. Men can complete their attire with a jacket and a shirt with subtle colors and patterns, and finally shoes with laces or moccasins.

If you have mastered this urbane and charming style known as Smart Casual, then we welcome you to all the restaurants and bars at the hotel Carlsbad Plaza, where the dress code is part of the hotel's internal culture.





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