Traditional Spa Treatments

Traditional Spa Treatments

Underwater and reflex massage

Probably everyone of us at one time or another has experienced an ever-accelerating lifestyle, an excessive workload and psychological or physical problems and said, „I need a break“. You should at least stop for a moment, relax and recharge. By far the most popular way of eliminating stress accumulated not only in the body but also the mind, is the use of traditional spa treatments. So go for an underwater or reflex massage.
Water gives life, it is essential throughout our lives, and is an important part of our entire planet. Its versatility is affiliated with the beneficial effects of a massage and creates a perfect symbiosis. The actual underwater massage therapy procedure takes place in a special bath with pleasantly warm water at 34-37 ° C, it is a relaxing process whereby invigorating massage jets are controlled by a therapist. This effectively loosens up muscles, improves the skin, blood circulation and promotes the activities of the lymphatic system. Do not think this is a monotone bath, during  an underwater massage there is always a professional therapist present to adjust the water jets, slope and distance from the patient's body, and thus achieves a change in the intensity and nature of the therapy.
For ultimate relaxation and the eventual unraveling of onerous feelings in certain parts of the body take a reflex massage. This is a manual therapeutic intervention on the body surface at points which are negatively influenced by diseases of internal organs. Reflex zones are massaged mainly to relax stiff muscles and relax and regenerate the body. Reflexology massage therapy is thousands of years old and is constantly evolving thanks to new medical knowledge. This form of treatment can cure a multitude of ailments and reduce or eliminate their symptoms. On what is a reflex-massage founded? On the foot of each person there are many smaller and larger surfaces and points that are connected by nerve endings to a certain part of the body or body organ. These surfaces and points are stimulated by the therapist to achieve satisfactory results for each patient. Feel the power of the ancient techniques by yourself. 





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