Water - the Cornerstone of Life and Health

Strengthening the Immune System at the Castle Spa

Water - the Cornerstone of Life and Health

One of the most unique and most authentic places of Karlovy Vary is undoubtedly the Castle Spa, where traditional Karlovy Vary treatments, proven with time, and the latest technologies of modern spas meet. The Castle Spa becomes a piece of every visitors life, here you can relax in a pleasant, relaxing environment, unwind thanks to the many procedures and gain strength for hectic days to come.

The best is to dive into water with your body and mind. Each person already spent a lot of time in water, in the womb of his or her mother, and therefore water is absolutely natural to us. It can calm the mind and helps cure. At the Castle Spa among others, you can experience firsthand one of the oldest hydrotherapies - Kneipp baths.

The baths consist of alternating hot (40°C - 42°C) and cold (10°C - 12°C) water. The most commonly used form is walking baths, where you step into individual pools with hot and cold water reaching below the knees. Always start in the pool with hot water, where our body develops thermo power, and then enter the cold water, which removes this energy. Do not expect anything fancy, it is an active treading in water tanks with gravel at the bottom. After regular visits to Kneipp baths you will certainly notice a remarkable improvement in your health status and immune system.

Specifically, Kneipp baths support the tissue metabolism, support blood circulation and relieve joints, they have a quite demonstrably positive effect on the blood circulation and strengthen the immune system. Further more they help during discomforts accompanying the cold legs syndrome and post-traumatic conditions of the lower extremities.

This special kind of therapy is named after the German priest and healer Sebastian Kneipp, who as a patient with tuberculosis got to know the book "The Healing Power of Fresh Water", and thanks to regular baths in the river and walking barefoot in the morning dew, he quite soon recovered.


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