Certification 5* SUPERIOR

“Stars are not like stars“

Certification 5* SUPERIOR


It was the year 2011, which has been an important milestone for the Carlsbad Plaza Medical Spa & Wellness Hotel. As the first hotel in the Czech Republic in that year, the Carlsbad Plaza won the highest international certification 5* Superior, which it still proudly presents, after receiving the certification again, effortlessly this year.

The certification of the hotel has to be reviewed regularly every five years, the last successful review was held in February 2017. The Association of hotels, the Hotelstars Union evaluated on 270 criteria that were thoroughly scored. For success, which carries a 5* Superior certification, you must obtain at least 700 points. The Carlsbad Plaza is honored to have earned these points, with a large reserve.

Hotels are judged by the Association of Hotels and Restaurants Czech Republic's system of official uniform classification of accommodation facilities, which in the Czech Republic operated on a voluntary basis since 2004. However, the year 2010 brought a new system of awarding stars. Hotel associations from 7 countries have established the Hotelstars Union, to unify the classification of hotel services with the aid of a common methodology and the use of joint marketing. Currently they apply a uniform methodology for 16 European countries and several more are actively preparing to join. The Czech Republic is among them, of course, as a founding member.

The Carlsbad Plaza Medical Spa & Wellness Hotel 5* Superior is always ready to take on new challenges and reaching higher positions in the utmost care for their clients. It complies to the strictest criteria and standards guaranteeing the Hotel's 5* Superior certification, so you can always convince yourself at first glance when you stay here, that stars are not like stars.

Accept our warm invitation to the hotel, which is determined to shift trends in the spa industry and provide traditional spa treatments connected with modern and innovative methods and technologies so that every guest leaving the hotel becomes a healthier, happier person and will want to return in the future to the proven quality and comfort the hotel offers in each of its 151 luxurious rooms and suites.


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