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When we dig into the history of hookahs, we can hardly tell with certainty where hookahs came from and when they developed. It is thought that they come from India, where they first appeared more than four hundred years ago. The times, when herbal blends and natural drugs were smoked from a coconut with two pipes, are surely gone. The hookah has gained popularity across Europe and the current offer is full of modern pipes and tempting tobacco blends.

If we talk about luxury, contemporary design and innovation, it can all easily be used in connection with hookahs. Relaxingly smoking the hookah is a trendy matter and if we add interesting artistic craftsmanship and impressively shaped hookahs, we get into fairly exclusive spheres. Some hookahs are even completed with special LED modules that can be operated remotely and can therefore adjust the color spectrum according to your mood. Lovers and connoisseurs of this great ritual of smoking hookahs adapt their way of application and location that offers intense relaxation combined with full experience.

The considerable selection of hookahs is matched with an even so great variety of tobacco recipes intended for the hookah. These recipes may not only be tobacco mixtures, but also a mixture of tobacco and herbs, fruit and alcohol. If we have just inspired you with the idea of trying out, the by law permitted, relaxation with a hookah, we warmly invite you to the hotel's Old Times night bar for a pleasant stay with not only a good drink, but also for a truly exclusive hookah with an imaginative design.

The Old Times night bar at the Carlsbad Plaza Medical Spa & Wellness Hotel offers a blend of citrus mixed with white rum, herbs with rum, black rum or even a blend with Champagne. The choice is yours...



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