Recommendation of our physician

Recommendation of our physician

The ShapeMaster works out with you


Would you like to shape your body, enhance and strengthen muscles, reduce centimeters in problem areas before summer or need to start moving right after an accident? Being fit and having a beautiful silhouette is given by nature only to a few of us, others have no choice but to start with a demanding training schedule. Or might it not be so hard?

The ShapeMaster training and fitness tables will help you lose weight and rehabilitate after an injury. At the Carlsbad Clinic you can discover a new procedure to gradually exercise muscles and joints throughout the body, which consists of 8 professional reconditioning tables, under the supervision of medical staff. This setup offers a large variety of exercises due to its versatility; it is designed for all ages.

Let's introduce the ShapeMaster tables:

Stomach hip trimmer - thanks to the stretching of muscles, you can achieve a slimmer stomach, legs, thighs, calves and perfectly shaped buttocks without cellulite.

Leg toner – shapes the proportions of the legs, hips and buttocks, especially strengthens the inner and outer thigh muscles. The rehabilitation regime exercises the hip and knee joints, it also increases the blood circulation in the lower limbs.

Tummy toner – thanks to the stretching it slims the tummy, thighs and calves, it also strengthens the lower back. Effectively strengthens and smooth’s especially abdominal segments.

Thigh trimmer – helps in forming the inner and outer sides of the thighs, hips, legs and waist, it also reduces cellulite.

Hip waist trimmer – strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor, back and buttocks, exercises thigh muscles and slims the hips, abdomen and waist.

Waist trimmer – leads to a strengthening of the body to the sides, which means that it strengthens abdominal muscles and muscles in the area of the lumbar spine, the effect is slimming the waistline.

Upper body toner – this table helps to improve the overall posture and eliminates back pain, balances the chest, tightens the arms, breasts, abdomen, thighs and calves.

Circular–rower – thanks to movements similar to rowing it strengthens the pectoral muscles, triceps, biceps and shoulders; it improves blood circulation with a gentle vibrating motion.


The ShapeMaster reconditioning tables at the Carlsbad Clinic will help you in your quest for healthy movement.

M.D. Mykhaylo Bazayev


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