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Already the first settlers of the valley and forests around the river Teplá knew the curative effects of the thermal mineral waters springing here. They were told to have magical power, which Charles IV. tried himself, who in 1370 promoted the settlement to a city. It is said that the hot springs relieved his sore feet.

The underground of Karlovy Vary is laced with countless springs. Captured on the surface and made available to the public are 15 springs, 12 of which are commonly used for drinking cures, which is an integral part of the famous Karlovy Vary spa treatment. Each of the 15 sources differs in the temperature of the water, and the amount of dissolved carbon dioxide, these differences are indicative of the actual effects in humans. The most famous is the Karlovy Vary thermal mineral spring 1. Hot Spring (Vřídlo), which rises in one of the Colonnades and is for drinking purposes cooled and distributed into five spring vases. For the Hot Spring you do not have to leave the hotel Carlsbad Plaza, it is freely available to all hotel guests in the drinking fountain at the main reception.

However, where do these local springs come from? They are remnants of postvolcanic activities in a wider area of Karlovy Vary, and form at depths of about 2500 meters below the surface. It is unbelievable that the composition of the springs stayed unchanged for centuries. The medicinal water contains most of the elements of the periodic table, typically an analysis can detect up to 40 elements with beneficial effects on the human organism.

Patients come from around the world for health to Karlovy Vary; indications for spa treatment are diseases of the digestive system, metabolic disorders, musculoskeletal diseases and dental diseases. Attention! A drinking cure should strictly follow the advice of a doctor.

Springs, however, are also a great conduit for perfect relaxation, whether you suffer from health problems or you're just tired and stressed from everyday bustle. They are used not only for drinking cures but also for baths and other traditional medical procedures. The Carlsbad Plaza Medical Spa & Wellness Hotel offers the widest selection of traditional and conventional medical treatments with its own source of thermal water, allowing you to maximize the beneficial effect of the springs.


M.D. Helena Urbancová


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