Visiting the sauna and swimming pool


Visiting the sauna and swimming pool


The word etiquette itself can evoke norms of behavior in high society. But in fact we meet with etiquette even where we least expect it. For example, when visiting a Wellness area. Today in our regular column on etiquette we visit the saunas and swimming pools.

The use of saunas has a very long tradition worldwide, which we should respect. In the sauna area we find relief of tension, we should therefore participate in the overall relaxed atmosphere of the sauna. The sauna is not the best place for conversations with friends, troubled sighs, or other loud expressions - sauna is an oasis of calm and inactivity.

We visit the sauna only after a thorough shower and then enter it quickly, so that we avoid ventilation of the heat, which prevails in the sauna. Naturally we use a towel where we sit, always enter naked or wrapped in sheets. Bathing suits or other clothing does not belong in the sauna. If a visitor to the sauna is not to himself in its premises, he should agree with other guests on the appropriate temperature for all, it is impolite to pour too much water and too often on the hot lava stones.

When you visit the pool, it must be emphasized that people visit the pool environment for relaxation and tranquility. Due to safety and respect towards others in the pool hall, do not run, jump into the water in an attempt to imitate synchronized swimmers and Olympians in the discipline of aquatic acrobatics. Remember there may also be other visitors in the pool around you, it is inappropriate to claim the pool for yourself and oust others from the pool. Physical needs such as sneezing and others should always be performed outside the pool. If we visit the pool with children, protect them by following the rules, which are set rules of operation of the pool and do not leave them unattended.

You can try your knowledge of etiquette, in the hotel's Sauna & Wellnessland. We invite you to visit seven kinds of saunas, 5 different pools, a relaxation area with waterbeds, the fitbar and much more.


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